Employee Complaints

Family Services of Western Pennsylvania encourages employees to confidentially and/or anonymously report any activities that may involve criminal, unethical or otherwise inappropriate behavior in violation of our agency’s policies.

The Speak Up HelpLink is a confidential reporting system which is run by an outside vendor.

We view this system as a tool to help our company and all of its Programs & Divisions work together to address fraud, abuse, misconduct. However, all employees should recognize that Family Services of Western Pennsylvania maintains an open-door policy. You are encouraged to first speak with your supervisor if you have any questions or concerns. Your supervisor is the person in the best position to respond quickly and accurately to your concerns. The Compliance Officer is also available to talk with you about particular suggestions or problems related to ethics and / or regulatory compliance and will be glad to offer additional guidance. All discussions are handled discretely and confidentially.

Working together in an atmosphere of trust and cooperation provides the most productive work environment.  Contact information is below. Thank you!

1st - Speak with your Supervisor

Alternatively - Report concerns to the EthicsLine

Another Resource - Contact the Compliance Officer
412.820.2050, extension 412.