Independent Community Living

The Fairweather Lodge for Individuals with Behavioral Health Disorders

The Fairweather Lodge is a community living arrangement designed specifically for persons with mental illness who wish to live independently and be productive members of their community. Persons who may benefit from lodge living are those who want to live independently and work, but may lack the finances, resources, support and skills to do so on their own. Through shared responsibility, accountability, work and mutual respect, individuals can build a strong foundation in which to enjoy safe, affordable housing, find and keep employment, develop friendships, and have support in their recovery.

Fairweather Lodges are managed by the members with assistance provided by the Lodge Coordination Specialist as needed and in emergencies. The Lodge Coordination Specialist serves as a consultant, educator and teacher of the Principles of Fairweather Lodge living.

For more information call toll-free: 1-888-222-4200