Service Coordination


Adults, adolescents and children with serious behavioral health issues or who are at risk of serious behavioral health issues.


Service Coordination
321 East 5th Avenue
Tarentum, PA 15084


Service Coordination provides education, support and preventive services. We assist individuals in living independently, productively, and healthfully by coordinating diverse services within the community. Our Service Coordinators are dedicated to:


(1) Assuring that there are effective "safety net" resources.

(2) Communicating what each participant can expect from the system and what the system will expect from them.

(3) Assuring that there is periodic assessment and cross system planning to meet needs and utilize strengths.

(4) Preparing for, convening and facilitating service planning meetings and providing follow-up after meetings.

(5) Assuring that there is cross system coordination of services and that services are being provided.

(6) Developing relationships that endure with persistent outreach even when there is reluctance to receive services. 

(7) Assisting with development and use of natural supports.

(8) Advocating for those we service and providing feedback on systemic problems.

(9) Providing a consistent positive outlook to encourage recovery and full inclusion in the community.




Family Services of Western Pennsylvania recognizes the importance of providing support and fostering capabilities and skills to those with behavioral health issues so they may direct their own lives.