Drug & Alcohol Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Programs


(1) Individuals living in Allegheny and surrounding counties who have a drug and/or alcohol abuse and/or dependency diagnosis.  


(2) Individuals 13 years and older (must be 18 years and older for Intensive Outpatient ) who are experiencing problems with drugs and/or alcohol that present little to no risk for withdrawal. 


(3) Individuals experience a co-occurring mental health condition and are assessed as psychiatrically stable and demonstrate a willingness to participate with prescribed treatment, including abstinence.


Priority for admission is given to women who are pregnant and using intravenous substances, pregnant women who are using any substances, or anyone using intravenous substances. 



Kelley McNichols, PhD by email at mcnicholsk@fswp.org.


The Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Program offers two levels of care – 1A Outpatient and 1B Intensive Outpatient.   These programs also address chronic relapse patterns positively impacting not only the individual but the community too.  Many individuals who have attended these programs go on to earn gainful employment, end legal involvement and transcend generational patterns of both drug abuse/dependency and behavioral health issues.


Family Services of Western Pennsylvania views chemical dependency as a chronic, progressive and ultimately fatal disease that requires a lifelong pursuit of, and commitment to, recovery.  Our staff recognizes that co-occurring conditions are no longer the exception in drug and alcohol treatment and both disorders must be addressed concurrently in an integrated and supportive environment to maximize chances of treatment.