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Families experiencing changes or difficulties.


For information about ParentWISE Programs, call 724.837.5410 extension 701 or the toll free Help Line at 800.544.0227.  You can also send an email to



Whether there are allegations of neglect or abuse, involvement in the legal system, struggles with an adolescent, sibling rivalry, divorce or remarriage, diagnosis of ADHD, or a new Daddy trying to tell if his baby is sick, this ParentWISE Program provides education, support or referral to appropriate services.  ParentWISE offers families the means to maintain and improve their quality of lives and the lives of their children.  Staff works closely with parents and other community groups to identify training needs and current issues facing local families.  Our goal is to eliminate child abuse, neglect and violence. 

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Formed more than 30 years ago, ParentWISE helps parents in difficult times. ParentWISE recognizes that sharing the feelings and experiences from time to time that all parents experience can help make rasing a child more enjoyable. We believe that by supporting and educating parents in this manner, families and communities will be stronger and healthier.