Psychiatric Rehabilitation


Psychiatric Rehabilitation: Persons with severe and persistent mental illness (ie: major mood disorders, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, borderline personality disorder) looking to gain/regain a valued role.




Contact the Psychiatric Rehabilitation program at 724.335.9883 for additional information.


Psychiatric Rehabilitation (PR) is designed to assist members of the program in obtaining/reestablishing a valued role that symptoms of their mental illness have prevented them from achieving. By moving through a cohort of established groups of persons with similar experiences and in similar stages of recovery, members of the program work towards attainment of goals in the areas of living (ie: new housing environments), learning (ie: education, community resources/participation), working (ie: obtaining employment or a volunteer position), social (ie: obtaining a valued role in the community).




At Family Services of Western Pennsylvania, we recognize that a key to rehabilitation and recovery for individuals with serious and persistent mental illness is experiencing a valued role in the community and obtaining and using the power to make choices about one’s life.  People with disabilities need opportunities to identify and choose for themselves, desired roles in living, learning, working and social environments.