Outpatient Mental Health Counseling & Services


Individuals (adults, adolescents and children) and families seeking a safe, supportive environment to work out problems and/or cope with issues including life stressors (divorce, abuse, death of family members or friends), problems at home, work or school, behavioral issues, managing anger, and dealing with feelings of sadness or anxiety.


Call our Point of Entry at 1-888-222-4200.


Our Adult, Adolescent and Child Psychiatric Services include an evaluation by a psychiatrist to provide an assessment of presenting psychiatric symptoms including substance abuse/dependence, level of impairment and associated risk factors to determine appropriate treatment options.  Treatment options may include a trial of psychotropic medication and medication monitoring to provide clinical oversight of individuals who are prescribed psychotropic medication by the agency or consulting psychiatrists.  Continued assessment of medication effectiveness and efficacy is conducted by focusing on the change in the targeted symptoms, side effects to the prescribed medication and other medical concerns that may develop.