Student Assistance Program


Students in grades K-12 in several school districts in Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties.  These school districts screen and refer students who may be experiencing barriers to learning and school success. 


For further information about the Student Assistance program in your school district, contact your school directly.  You can also call 724.335.9883 and ask about the School Assistance Program (SAP).

To view a Teen's Guide to Dating Safety Plan, please go here.

To view the Student Assistance Program Newsletter, please go here.



School-based comprehensive prevention and early intervention program.   We provide the following services within the school structure:

(1) Consultant and education to school personnel, students and parents in their area of expertise – mental health, substance use and abuse, and assistance with school policy.
(2) Initial assessment of students who may have a variety of academic, behavioral, and/or personal difficulties which interfere with daily functioning.
(3) Referral services to appropriate school or community resources.  This program does not offer treatment services.
(4) Crisis intervention services in school.
(5) Prevention and supportive groups to students and educational materials to parents and teachers.